Amar Incon LLC
       Amar InCon LLC have been providing successfully an accounting consulting service and IT, Vasco system solution for its valued customers since 2005 in Mongolian economic stand.
      Accounting consulting service is the one of important service in Mongolian market requirement. Our company work hard providing our consulting services with best quality for our customers, as big companies and entities. It will be big contribution and importance for Mongolian economic market growth.
When we give our service in best, on time for customers, it will protect them from financial damage and work filled with enthusiasm, satisfaction for their business running extension. We are proud of our service when it helps our customers business solution constitution and being as safeguard for their business reserve. Amar InCon LLC gets a reseller of Vasco technology system from Belgium in Mongolia. Now there are about 1200 users for Vasco solution.
      In 2005, Trade and Development Bank was first bank user for Vasco solution and used it for their e – banking service.
They could have secuirity technology system for protecting their customers from damages. This solution is vital to ensure data security for government and business organizations, helping them to identify customers and to have e-signature. Furthermore it helps to secure local network data and develop e-bank, e-government and e-commerce in Mongolia.

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